5 weeks, 8 casts

Baby H was 5 weeks old this week so off we went to have his 5th cast on, plus one for last week’s re-casting.

Baby H at 5 weeks rocking the collar up!

Everything had been going well, we were missing baths but enjoying wearing babygros with feet in while he still can. Once he goes into boots n bars he won’t be able to wear gros with feet. The cast is now normal- as its wrapping a nappy sack round his leg every nappy change to protect it from wee fountains and worse!

We approached this week with a little apprehension as he had had a little skin reaction to the cast last week which had rubbed a layer of skin off his ankle which was sore and bruised. He screamed the place down when we took it off and the air hit it- so much for enjoying a few minutes of freedom from the cast!

Week 4 soreness
Excuse the red face from tears!

Thankfully that was mostly healed this week but explained why he had been rather hard to soothe recently, poor lad. His foot was still fairly swollen, a kind of protest from everything moving. On went the next cast. Purple toes. 15 minute wait. Toes with poor capillary refill- not great. So off came the cast and it was done again. Same thing. 2 hours later, lots of crying and three casts later we were on our way home. Exhausted.

Week 5 progress

The team were fantastic and as they said better he his comfortable than having to rush back. However, they weren’t able to manipulate the foot as much due to his toes so this means he will need more casts. So a slightly longer treatment time, but means he’ll be slightly bigger when he has his boots n bars which is not such a bad thing- i’m don’t feel he’s ready for coping with those just yet.

Guess he has sensitive toes, he also scrunches them up so tight bless him. It might not be helping that he’s a touch of reflux which upsets him. Lots of sitting him upright for a long time after feeds and helping him fall into a deep sleep- so lots of time to write these updates!

We saw a different consultant on week 5 who scored his foot a 4. We were a little disappointed with this as it was scored a 2.5 the week before. We had also thought thought the position wasn’t as good this week. They assured us this is probably just the way he was holding it and that the scoring is often subjective and varies between raters. This surprised me, and as such, I have decided to pay less attention to the numberical score and instead focus on the amount of movement and position of the foot.




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