First cast

Far too soon it was time to bundle up our little guy, layer him up (have a Spring baby, it means walks in the warm spring air with a newbornI thought- he wore a snowsuit to this appt!His first walk round the village in his pram was cut short due to snow!!!) and head out to the hospital.

The consultant quickly confirmed the fixed and positional feet and although it was far from the worst case, baby H’s right foot scored a 6 on the pirani scale. Talipes is rated 1-6 for severity according to various factors to do with movement and positions of various bones and joints. He explained this has no bearing on how long he would be in casts, some feet simply respond better than others and there is no way of knowing until casting is underway.

Swiftly it was time for the cast and the nurse wheeled in their talipes trolley. I have to say the team are brilliant but baby H hated it! It wasn’t pain but frustration atvhaving his foot held down and manipulated, then wrapped up tightly. It was heartbreaking for us to see our tiny 8 day old baby on the bed with 7 of us round him working on his foot and/or trying to sooth him. I held it together but felt helpless as all the usual stroking, ssshhing and whispering had no effect to calm his screams. But as soon as they finished I was there with a comforting cuddle and he was fine.



It’s hard to say how much the cast bothered him. He was 8 days old, we were still learning about each other. That night was rough with hardly any sleep without a baby cradled on one of our chests. Over the next few days he seemed unfased but certainly screamed if his foot fell of the blanket it was propped up on! The cast weighs 50 grams which doesn’t seem a lot but when you only weigh around 3000grams yourself it’s fairly significant. Neither of us have ever been on cast but we imagine it must be rotten. That first week was also super warm. The crazy weather had gone from snow to heatwave in our sons 8 days! He seemed to get grumpier as the weather got warmer…but soon it was cast day again…




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