His arrival!

End of April, a few days before his expected due date and he arrives in a fairly speedy, almost too speedy entrance, to the world. I just wanted to finish eating my lunch!  Luckily, for once, Dad wasn’t more laid back than Mum and made sure we left for the hospital just in time, driving like a racing driver and arriving just as my waters broke and I started pushing! Big kudos to hypnobirthing, having read up on it during my few weeks of maternity leave the breathing exercises helped me labour at home, in the bath, with two paracetamol. To the point where the hospital advised me not to come in yet despite me saying my contractions were two minutes apart as I “sounded too calm”!

Anyway 20 minutes later and a chastising from the midwives battling to get my trousers off, whilst I dined on gas and air, for wearing skinny jeans in labour, baby H was here! It was the most beautiful experience, he was precious with the biggest pair of lungs on him!

After an hour or so of blissful skin to skin cuddles we remembered to look at his foot. Something which had dominated the latter half of the pregnancy had slipped into the background as soon as our boy was here. That was how it shall remain.

His right foot was certainly wonky, however, worryingly, so was his left. They looked the same. Our midwife was fantastic and did a thorough top to toe check. She said the left foot seemed positional as it easily went straight. She didn’t want to mess with the right as it was clearly fixed, although not the worst she had seen. One fixed and one positional- something we were aware was quite likely and the left just needs regular massage. The midwife also checked his hips and thought they were fine- a huge relief as hip dysplasia and talipes are related, as well as me having family history of hip issues. The Dr confirmed all this before we left, so we went home that evening with our healthy happy baby with his adorable wonky foot.

The hospital wanted to start serial casting asap as babies bones are nice and soft. So we knew we had just over a week to enjoy him cast-free. We spent so much time playing with his feet and wriggling his tiny toes. Then before we knew it the 8 days had passed and it was time for his first hospital appointment with the talipes team…


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