Swollen toes

Love these milestone vests

Casting went ok, went back, took it off, got a new one. There was some noticeable difference in his foot position and Doc reckoned it was down to a 5.5 after 1 week.

End of week 1. Skinny elephant legs!
Progress after 2 weeks – we must wear this vest a lot!
Current size difference- the affected foot tends to be up to two sizes smaller but this may well resolve to a neglible difference

Our hospital uses a soft cast below the knee method of casting rather than the traditional plaster of Paris up to the thigh. There is some controversy surrounding this but there is published evidence of effectiveness and as a parent I much prefer this smaller, lighter cast for his comfort. It also means we can remove it ourselves quickly if needs be…

We have to keep his foot elevated which means holding it up when cuddling/feeding and trying to keep it propped up when sleeping. With a tiny wriggly baby this is not easy and we b came fairly inventive; blankets, muslins, soft toys, even kitchen roll! It took us weeks to realise the horse-shoe shaped tummy time support from his playmat was ideal.

Despite lots of elevation, one morning after his third cast he was incredibly irritable and hard to settle. When I came to do a nappy change his poor little toes were squashed together, overlapping and half purple, half white. So quick call to the hospital, unwrapped the cast and took him back in that afternoon to be re-casted.

It was starting to feel like our baby was spending far too much time in hospital, but the up-side to this re-casting was that we got to give him a bath! His first proper bath rather than top n tailing whilst holding his foot away from the water (we need to keep it dry). But boy did he need it! No-One mentioned to us just how much their little feet smell after being in a cast-super cheesy!




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