One season ticket for the hospital please

So, week 6 and Harvey’s foot is correcting nicely despite the small amount of manipulation done last week. This week’s cast certainly looks a lot straighter too. Yay!

Harvey’s big excitement this week was he got to have a bath! We’ve only been able to give him one proper bath before, other than top n tailing, when we had to remove a cast at home. The hospital are fab and let parents bathe babies there but he’s always been either incredibly grumpy or we’ve been late to the appt due to work commitments. So that bath was just wonderful! It was so hot too so must have been nice n cooling and he loved it! He was also incredibly chilled that evening for the first time on cast day. We got infant gaviscon for his reflux which seems (cross fingers) to be helping him. So proud of him. And…..We have smiles!!!! Not on demand yet though so no photo!


So everything going well. Frustratingly there is a but. We’ve been kicked (should really use a different word considering this families current feet issues!) with bad luck again, I’ve developed reactive arthritis. Bugger.

This week we have been at hospital everyday bar one. We may as well send our wages directly to the hospital trust’s car park. I feel like i’ve spent more time on hospital beds and in waiting rooms than I have cuddling my little boy this week and have hated every minute of being apart from him. Thankfully my Mum has been brilliant and secretly enjoys all the nappy changes. Super secretly this is all just a ploy to avoid nappy duty until he stops exploding after every feed!….If only. I could have read several books if I’d been able to focus on myself and remember a kindle. So I’ve been people watching for hours on end…A pretty dull pastime when everyone around you is ill!

Basically my body has decided to attack itself. I had a tiny minor stomach bug at some point after giving birth. Didn’t think anything of it, can’t even remember when it was exactly. Then I felt totally drained. Normal with a newborn. Then I got conjunctivitis last week. Ok, that’s odd, but it’s hayfever season, suck it up. Then my hand hurt to grip anything. Annoying, but probably too much time typing on my phone whilst Harvey’s being held sleeping. Then my ankle starting twinging. Ok, must have twisted it and not noticed. Then it swelled, and swelled and swelled. Crap. Off to the walk in centre- sent straight to a+e with suspected DVT. Blood test clear, phew! Must just be injured. Xray clear. Then they thought it could be a blood infection but thankfully even with unsuccessful attempts at getting the fluid out the joint, that’s been ruled out. Thankfully, as a hospital stay and stopping feeding him my breastmilk would have devestated me.

So reactive arthritis it ended up as. Basically, my body responded to the stomach bug by attacking itself. Nice work bod! How it can perfectly navigate pregnancy and birth then mess up ‘normality’?! The hospital have been great. I’ve got steroids  (been assured they’re safe for the Harvster) and crutches. At the moment it’s mainly just the ankle, and praying it stays that way and the twinges elsewhere are my imagination. It’s incredibly stiff and painful, in the morning and late evening I literally cannot walk. I now know what our stairs and landing look like to a crawling infant! I’ve a mental list of what we need to move when Harvey’s mobile! Its not the end of the world, it gets better within 3 weeks to 6 months aparently, I better be nearer the former end of that scale! I think I’ve just come out in sympathy for Harvey. Serves me right for laughing at his elephant knees a few weeks ago- I’ve now got elephant foot!



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