Farewell casts!

So tomorrow we’re saying goodbye to the casts after 11 weeks of serial casting ! Yay!

Harvey’s tenotomy went really well at the beginning of the month. He was a superstar. The hardest part was having to fast him from 3am till he was given a bottle in the recovery room at about 9am. They did the op under local but he was fasted just in case he had to have a general. Frustrating as we had to wake him for that 3am feed when he had been sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks already! (I am well aware how lucky we are and we both express how grateful we are every single night we get a decent sleep!). Once in hospital we took him down to theatre asleep and picked him up from the recovery room asleep. What went on in between I don’t want to know, but aparently he  charmed everyone. After the op we spent the day on the ward but our little superstar barely made a fuss and didn’t even need paracetamol. His foot was clearly uncomfortable and he made it known when we moved it. The next day he was a little unsettled but one dose of calpol was all that was needed. We were relieved. We had been dreading the tenotomy but really did not need to. Babies are so incredibly resilient,  it amazes me continually.

Three weeks later and Harvey is ready to come out of casts. We’ve been making the most of wearing trousers before he gets his boots n bars and making sure we have enough footless rompers with poppers down the legs to make nappy changes easier. And socks ready for wearing with the boots- anyone who knows me knows how unlike me it is to buy expensive socks, or pay £7 for a pack of gap or next socks. But suddenly the smallest garment is the most important- I really don’t want him getting sores or blisters so if grips, towelling material or double lined help, he’s having them! We are approaching sock conniseur status! His feet, even the unaffected one are tiny, 0-3month socks drown him so I keep buying more.

What a beautiful shaped foot!

Harvey has also had lots of tummy time and I am incredibly proud that he learnt to roll from front to back at 11 weeks- talipes?what talipes! It doesn’t seem to be holding him back.


So tomorrow we will whip the cast off at home. Harvey will have a lovely normal bath at home, bliss in the supposed heatwave due. Then some foot massage to get the blood flowing, before heading to hospital to get his sweet little boots fitted. I cannot wait to see his perfect little straight foot and tickle his tiny little toes. The first two stages of treatment are done and onto the next stage. We’re dreading boots and bars a little as he loves kicking his feet, so unsure how he’ll react to them effectively being bound together and the weight of the bar. But we’ll approach with positivity and relish singing two rounds of “This little piggy”…..!


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